Crew Management

We have an excellent Crew management team which aims at ensuring the following:

  • Act as extension of Ship Owner & Manager
  • Minimized costs with the best services
  • Personal relationship with Seafarer and his Family

Our Seafarers are one of the best in the field and our most valuable asset and we have high expectations from them.

We have a highly professional selection process for our Seafarers including Selection Test, Personality Characteristics Test, Interview and continued Competency Assessment Programs to keep our Officers updated and educated with the latest Rules, Regulations to ensure their professional growth.

The sole objective of our organisation is to consistently provide quality service to our customers through our professional team of shore based Personnel and Seafarers.

We sincerely believe that relationship with a Seafarer does not begin and end at the Gangway - We take care of our Seafarers – on Ship or at Shore!

The above principled approach has enabled us to achieve a retention rate of more than 90% from our loyal, experienced and qualified Crew.

Technical Management

We recognize that the Vessel is a very valuable asset of the Ship Owner and it is our primary object and responsibility to maintain it as our very own.

We offer full Technical Management of all types of Vessels through our experienced team of Technical Superintendents with a hands-on approach to ensure that they are-

  • Operated optimally & safely.
  • Maintained to conform to IMO Regulations, Class Requirements & Oil Major Standards.

Other than Full Technical Management, we also offer to undertake the following technical services world-wide-

  • Attending Vessel Dry Dock /Repairs
  • Change of Flag/ Owner/Class
  • Condition Survey
  • Reactivation of Laid up vessel.

Ancilary Services

We also offer technical support /solutions to various ancillary services on a turn key basis.

  • Pre-purchase Inspection Survey
  • Pre-Vetting Inspection
  • Damage/Claims Survey
  • 3 rd Party ISM/ISPS/MLC 2006 Audits
  • Implementation/Training for QSHE Management System.